Sessions, Classes and Workshops offered may include:

Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness means maintaining a moment to moment awareness of thoughts, feelings and sensations with compassion. See further explanation under “What’s New”.

“Though it has its roots in Buddhist meditation, a secular practice of mindfulness has entered the American mainstream in recent years, in part through the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, which he launched at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1979. Since that time, thousands of studies have documented the physical and mental health benefits of mindfulness in general and MBSR in particular, inspiring countless programs to adapt the MBSR model for schools, prisons, hospitals, veterans centers, and beyond.” See

Yoga Nidra/Integrative Restoration

Yoga Nidra is based on an ancient, transformative meditative technique that can help people release self-destructive patterns and achieve psychological, physical, and spiritual healing. I will guide you into a deep relaxation where the conscious mind is in a state between waking and sleep. It is designed to help relax and resolve symptoms of sleeplessness, anxiety, fear, depression, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress, and many other things we encounter as human beings.

Retreats and Workshops

I offer retreats and workshops during the year.

These often include:

  • Yoga Asana (Postures) and other forms of movement.
  • Pranayama (Mindful Breathing)
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Yoga Nidra Meditation
  • setting Sankalpa (Intention)
  • and Hand Mudras (hand positions that have some kind of influence on the energies of the body, or your mood).
  • I may also incorporate ritual, sound healing, chanting, writing, and art.

These events are listed under “What’s New” or on my Facebook page “Yoga Nidra and More with Rhonda Gerhard”.